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Welcome to the Dao USA Online Sanctuary

Mythic wonder, spirituality and profound peace await you.

Master Chen's vision of building a Daoist temple in the U.S. has been realized.

This online temple is a place for followers of Dao to relax, listen to lectures and talks about Taoism and the internal martial arts, enjoy music, watch videos and absorb the powerful spirituality of the Wu Dang Mountains. It is a personal retreat that you may enter at any time.

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Enter the Mountain...

Learning Tai Chi in the Wu Dang Sanctuary

Tai Chi is one of the central aspects of Wu Dang culture, and you will find it easy to begin your Tai Chi practice at Wu Dang's online sanctuary. Start with the 13 basic postures of Tai Chi. Take your time to learn them well from our videos with Master Chen and Master Zhong.

Click below to learn about the 13 basic postures of Tai Chi.



At the online sanctuary, Master Chen will show you some basic Tai Chi exercise movements. Many introductory videos and lectures about Tai Chi are available to you at the sanctuary. Simply select from our menu of videos.

How to Join

To Join the Wu Dang Sanctuary, please Enter the Mountain and select "Join". You can elect to join a single live lecture, a single month or on a recurring basis. When you join you will have access to recent lectures, the forum, be able to partake of guided meditations, be a part of the community.


Taoist culture is an irreplaceable treasure of humanity, and its survival is critical to the preservation of wellness and balance in the world. Between the rapid modernization of China and lack of familiarity in the West, the traditional centers of Taoism, its preservation and its continuity are being threatened.

The mission of the Association for Chinese Enrichment is to preserve this ancient culture by creating awareness, supporting the preservation of cultural sites in China, and establishing new Taoist sites in America. The association creates curricula and accredited programs in Taoist philosophy and lifestyle practices, and sponsors conferences, trips and other educational events to promote Chinese and American cultural understanding.


To preserve and perpetuate the ancient culture, traditions and practices of Wu Dang China and Taoism. These practices include:

  • Healing and Preventative Practices such as Traditional Herbals, Acupuncture, Tuina Massage, Qi Healing, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Meditation
  • Traditional Arts such as Feng Shui, I Ching and Face Reading
  • Talisman Drawing, Ceremonial Arts and Taoist Music
  • The Internal Martial Arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi
  • Daoist Philosophy
  • Ancient Longevity and Internal Alchemy
  • To ensure the quality and authenticity of the teachers and teachings being presented to the public.