Nuris Lemire MS,OTR/L,NC

nuris.jpgName:   Nuris Lemire MS,OTR/L,NC

Daoist name:  Chong Guang (Source of light) 15th Generation Wu Dang San Feng Pai / 26th  Generation Long men Pai. She is: Gui Yi which means a novitiate initiated by Wudang Chen as a priest in training
City/State:  Lecanto, or Ocala, Florida
Phone:  352-302-7760

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Samantha Ross

Growing up in Colorado and California, raised by my lovely mother and father who embraced concepts like the organic food movement, growing your own food and herbal medicine, I have been immersed in a conscious wellness concept since birth.  This instilled driven characteristics from birth to a more spiritually inclined nature.  With horses as a hobby and passion for the first stage of my life in assisted in the growth of unifying the mind, body and spirit.

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Kristina Naldjian - Estes Park CO

Kristina Naldjian is a native New Yorker and graduated from Pace University, NYC. For nineteen years she worked in NY and LA  in corporate banking before she discovered the magic of the Dao over 20 years ago. Kristina, known as Xiang, fully embraces Daoism as a life philosophy and a guide to an active, productive, healthy and joyful life. Xiang is passionate about sharing her story and teaching and guiding others with a roadmap for life.  Xiang deepens her studies with a Daoist Master Wu Dang Chen and is certified as: 

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Dr. David B. Axelrod

medium_david_healing_headshot.jpgDr. David B. Axelrod has performed and taught at literally hundreds of venues, internationally, including at the United Nations and for the American Library Association and the Key West Literary Seminars. He has given lectures and workshops around the world on the healing power of writing and ways to focus chi toward greater creativity. Dr. Axelrod has studied Eastern culture and philosophy, Buddhism and Daoism since his teens.  He has advised, worked and studied with Tseng Yun-Xiang (Master Chen) since 1991, and is an Elder (Senior Advisor) on the Board of DaoUSA.

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Tim Bruewer - St. Louis

tim_headshot.jpgDaoist name: Chong Xu -15th Generation Wudang Sanfeng Disciple, 26th Generation Longmen Sect

Tim Bruewer has studied Chinese martial arts since the age of five and his first taiji class at age 10. Mr. Bruewer has trained in Daoism and Daoist practices such as Qigong, Taiji, Meditation and more with Master Chen since 2002. He has an extensive background in Chinese medicine and culture and offers the following classes and seminars and has lectured at some of the top Universities in the Midwest including University of Missouri, Washington University and St. Louis University

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Michael B. Anderson - Colorado Springs

medium_mikea_biopict.jpgDaoist name: Chong Chen – 15th Generation Wudang San Feng Pai, 26th Longmen Pai

Mike started studying Daoism and practicing Tai Chi and Qigong in 1986. Over the years he studied with several teachers and attended a variety of workshops. When he met Wudang Chen in 2005, he knew he found his teacher.

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Karen McDonald - New York

karen_mcdonald_1.jpgKaren McDonald is a certified WuDang Tai Chi/Qi Gong instructor and "Long Men 26th Generation Chong" Daoist practitioner. Her continuing studies as a Priest in training (Gui Yi), under the tutelage of Master Yun-Xiang Tseng over the past ten years, include many forms of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, Yi Jing, Feng Shui, Numerology, External Qi Healing, wedding ceremonies, clearings and blessings for new homes and businesses. 

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Corinne Chaves - Atlanta


Corinne Chaves

Daoist name: Chong Rou (Softness) – 15th Generation Wudang San Feng Pai, 26th Longmen Pai

Corinne began her Daoist studies and practice with Wu Dang Chen in 2002 after 25 years of yoga and Vedantic studies. Corinne is Gui Yi Da Dao or a Daoist priest novitiate. She teaches many topics including:

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