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A Message from Master Chen:

My mission, when I came to the United States over 20 years ago, was to preserve the ancient culture,

wisdom and teachings of the Dao and Wu Dang Monastery.

aspen view sm

My vision was to create a sanctuary, a place of great magic that would manifest Wu Dang's serenity and spirituality.

That vision is now a reality. The new Daoist Association USA Temple Complex at Aspen Lodge is linked to Wu Dang on a spiritual level. It is sheltered by the Rocky Mountains, the site for Native American vision quests.

Seven springs and a lake reflect Zhen Wu and the healing power of water.

Please Help Pave the Way for the Dao in the USA!

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Fund renovations urgently needed to make the Aspen Lodge a functional Daoist educational complex.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 for a gate; a new Ba Gua Pavilion; Zhen Wu and Kuan Yin statues; and lodging and healing center renovations.

Choose from 3 sizes of bricks. Include a message with personal significance, a blessing, a memorial...

Your brick will be part of the Path of Blessings from the Lodge to the Lake, an enduring symbol of your participation in the founding of the Daoist Association USA Temple Complex.

Become part of the thousands year history of Wu Dang.


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