DaoUSA Membership

Become a member of Daoist Association USA and join the growing community of Daoists in the USA

                                                        Basic Annual Membership $49.00
  • Become a member of traditional Daoist lineage and authentic teaching
  • Online Sunday Service
  • Unlimited Access to archived Sunday Services
  • Gain access to ancient longevity practices like Tai Chi, Qigong, Dao Yin, and more.
  • Learn authentic Daoist religious practices such as scripture reading, Wu Dang, Ceremonial Music, and Daoist chanting.
  • DaoUSA T-shirt
  • 3 DaoUSA Greeting Cards
  • DaoUSA Sticker
  • Membership Card
  • Tai He Temple Daoist Association USA Quarterly Newsletter

Daoist Summit 2006, Boulder, CO

Gold Life Time Membership
Minimum $360 + Optional Donation


      Enjoy everything that the Basic Annual Membership gets plus:
  • 10% off DaoUSA workshops and gift shop
  • 6 more DaoUSA Greeting Cards
  • DaoUSA Mug