Healing with Energy

Healing with Energy

Healing Without Medicine


What is External Qi Healing

External Qi Healing

External Qi Healing (EQH) is a powerful form of healing without medicine that has been shrouded in mystery and covered with mysticism within the body of Chinese Taoist practices for the past 3000 years.

Wài Qì Liáo Fă - External Qi Healing Treatment

外 氣 療 法

Wai Qi refers to internal Qi that is emitted or applied externally, rather than to Qi that comes from outside.  It is healing Qi.  The EQH practitioner uses the mind to conduct Qi into the patient’s body – either a part, an area, or the whole body - to reduce symptoms, improve immune function, and/or to develop or activate the patient’s hidden mystical abilities and special intuition.

Qi – Essential EnergyMystical Wudang

Qi is the essential or vital energy of the body.  It is considered one of the treasures of the human body and, like electricity is known by its action.  Qi has its own pathways in the human body.  Each person has a reservoir of Qi.  Lifestyle, genetics, environment and mental attitude all contribute to the conservation or depletion of each person's Qi reservoir.  When Qi becomes depleted from the reservoir or blocked in its pathways, the body can manifest pain or illness or disease.   The EQH practitioner emits their extra Qi for the patient's benefit.  Therefore the EQH practitioner must first regulate and cultivate their own Qi so that it is of good quality and quantity so that they will have Qi to spare.

Skillful Qi Application

The healer, through the different pathways of Qi, activates and regulates the patient's internal Qi in different areas, points or parts of the patient’s body or mind. The EQH practitioner can temporarily fill the patient's empty reservoir and can also help to reduce or eliminate blockages in the Qi pathways.  Using different Qi formations, methods of emission, protocols and techniques to effect and emit to certain areas of the body or to the organs of the patient the healer helps to activate the patient’s hidden internal Qi function.   The practice of EQH requires skillful Qi application.  The healer must develop their use of Qi into a skill. Wudang The practitioner can combine good quality and quantity of Qi with skillful application and emit spare internal Qi under the guidance of Taoist philosophy, Qi Gong theory, and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory for the benefit of the patient.

Activation of the Patient's Self-Healing

The skillful application of EQH can activate the patient's self-healing ability.  This activation balances the patient’s yin and yang energies, restores physical function, increases immune system function, thereby helping the patient to heal themselves, strengthen their physical condition and develop their hidden abilities.

A key aspect of EQH is the patient’s participation in their healing process.  The patient has his/her own innate healing ability which is activated through the EQH process.  The healer emits Qi into different areas of the patient’s body and triggers the patient’s healing ability.  All at once the process of activating and regulating the hidden potential, activating and regulating the mystical ability begins.  Sometimes the patient will develop spooky skills for at least a short time.  During treatment, the patient may have the experience of seeing or hearing things that their extra senses can perceive.  The EQH process can extend the patient's capabilities such that they can sense with both the "normal" five external senses and the five internal senses; those that are beyond what we can ordinarily access.  During treatment the patient may have the five internal senses activated.