Corinne Chaves - Atlanta


Corinne Chaves

Daoist name: Chong Rou (Softness) – 15th Generation Wudang San Feng Pai, 26th Longmen Pai

Corinne began her Daoist studies and practice with Wu Dang Chen in 2002 after 25 years of yoga and Vedantic studies. Corinne is Gui Yi Da Dao or a Daoist priest novitiate. She teaches many topics including:

  • Qi Gong teacher certification
  • Daoism theory and principles
  • Nourishing Life
  • External Qi Healing
  • Qigong Seminars
  • Taiji Seminars
  • Practicing Presence (mindfulness), and
  • Meditation

In addition to teaching, Corinne does spiritual and life coaching, Tui Na (Chinese medical massage) and External Qi healing work with individuals who are intent on furthering their personal and spiritual development, increasing creativity, and transforming their lives through the cultivation of mind and body.