Priest Training January 2017

The Gui Yi group (Priests-in-Training) met in January to continue their education in Daoist Philosophy, Religion, Theory and Practices.

Gui Yi Class 201701sm


Ruggiero-Savitz Wedding

A Traditional Daoist Wedding Ceremony at Aspen Lodge
by Ariel Savitz

Master Chen performed our most joyous and blessed Daoist wedding ceremony on September 5, 2012 at 9:05 a.m. sharp on the future site of the sacred Daoist Jade Temple. We are so grateful for this stunning ceremony allowing us to honor both of our lineages on the ancestor table, as well as our elder relatives in person through serving each of them tea and asking their permission to marry. We exchanged gifts, rings and vows to one another, but the bowing with incense to the immortals/our lineages and powerful ceremony performed by Master Chen made the bond of our marriage feel sealed for all eternity. We look forward to renewing our vows at the Jade Temple in the prayerfully near future!


  Ariel Savitz escorted by her Daoist brother Reuben Starishevsky.