How do you become an immortal?

The existence of Immortals is a fact, and a truth and basic belief of Taoist priests. Humans can achieve Immortality through cultivation of the Tao.......

With daily diligent practice, the body becomes stronger and the quantity and quality of Qi is accumulated, strengthening the kidneys. The foundation of Immortality is longevity from healthy kidneys. This was the beginning of practice for alchemy and kept secret for several hundred years. The priests guarded this knowledge as it makes martial arts unbelievably strong, and was kept secret so that opponents were not able to defeat them.

A strong foundation is based on cultivating the mind. If you cannot give up attachment, you are not able to cultivate qi, and enter a state of clarity and purity, complete voidness and ultimate stillness. One needs to practice restraint, and detach from desire, a need of knowing and recognition. Not knowing is called cultivating the self. Peace, tranquility and harmony are a result of dedicated practice. Do your practices before you use the computer and telephone in the morning.

Be in wonder and amazement and cherish each moment. Do good deeds and be charitable without being recognized.  Give time and energy to serve your community. Our essential nature is loyalty, piety, respect, love, forgiveness and self-love, which creates energy. Consistently contemplate the Tao in the same way the hungry think of food, or the thirsty think of drink. If you become aware of the slightest imbalance, and consistently correct it, you will become an Immortal. In human passion, love produces children. Love from the Tao produces Immortality.

Karen McDonald