Michael B. Anderson - Colorado Springs

medium_mikea_biopict.jpgDaoist name: Chong Chen – 15th Generation Wudang San Feng Pai, 26th Longmen Pai

Mike started studying Daoism and practicing Tai Chi and Qigong in 1986. Over the years he studied with several teachers and attended a variety of workshops. When he met Wudang Chen in 2005, he knew he found his teacher.

Mike is a Gui Yi which means he is a novitiate initiated by Wudang Chen as a priest in training. Mike regularly speaks at the DaoUSA Sunday morning sermon. Mike started the Pikes Peak Daoist Association in Colorado Springs, CO where he has taught classes since 2011. Mike serves on the DaoUSA board of directors.

Mike is certified to teach

  • Daoist Lecture
  • Qigong Seminars
  • Taiji Seminars
  • Taiji Sword Seminars
  • Meditation