Kristina Naldjian - Estes Park CO

Kristina Naldjian is a native New Yorker and graduated from Pace University, NYC. For nineteen years she worked in NY and LA  in corporate banking before she discovered the magic of the Dao over 20 years ago. Kristina, known as Xiang, fully embraces Daoism as a life philosophy and a guide to an active, productive, healthy and joyful life. Xiang is passionate about sharing her story and teaching and guiding others with a roadmap for life.  Xiang deepens her studies with a Daoist Master Wu Dang Chen and is certified as: 

  • Yi Jing consultant
  • Tai chi instructor
  • Qi Gong instructor
  • Meditation coaching
  • External Qi Healing
  • Nourishing Life Coaching

For a consultations, workshops, employee programs or speaker engagements contact: l 303-720-0666

Daoist name and lineage: Chong Tian is 15th Generation Wu Dang San Feng Pai and 26th  Generation Long men Pai and a Daoist priest novitiate.