Karen McDonald - New York

karen_mcdonald_1.jpgKaren McDonald is a certified WuDang Tai Chi/Qi Gong instructor and "Long Men 26th Generation Chong" Daoist practitioner. Her continuing studies as a Priest in training (Gui Yi), under the tutelage of Master Yun-Xiang Tseng over the past ten years, include many forms of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, Yi Jing, Feng Shui, Numerology, External Qi Healing, wedding ceremonies, clearings and blessings for new homes and businesses. 

English born, Australian raised and currently residing in New York, Karen has over forty years experience in ballroom dancing, with over 200 titles worldwide including ‘Undefeated US “American Style” Champion. She trained Richard Gere for ‘Shall We Dance’; Evander Holyfield on ‘Good Morning America’; in the feature film ‘Dance with Me’; and appeared on TV host shows in England, Australia and the US. She can be viewed on ‘PBS DanceSport’ series and youtube.com - 9DanceChamps

Karen is nationally certified as a ballroom dance adjudicator and a member of the American Business Women's Association, where she earned ‘Woman of the Year Award’ for her independent ventures in charitable work. 

Her transition from ballroom dance to Daoism came from the interest to share with others the benefits of the Daoist way of life., and created EnerQiTM  by combining Tai Chi/Qi Gong with ballroom dance. 

Karen's passion is to inspire others to live their lives as a dance with the Dao, in health and happiness, attaining their highest potential, in peaceful content.