What is Daoism?


by Tim Bruewer

Daoism is the traditional religion of China. In general, it is believed that Daoist organizations were formally established 1,900 years ago by Celestial Master Zhang Daoling during the reign (AD 126-144) of Emperor Shundi of the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, the original sources of Daoist doctrines can be traced back to the Pre-Qin period (4000-221BC).


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Code of Doctrine

  1. WE BELIEVE the purpose of life is to return to heaven (to Dao)
  2. WE BELIEVE in the existence and transcendental nature of immortals
  3. WE BELIEVE that all human beings were originally immortals in heaven
  4. WE BELIEVE the Dao encompasses all beings, all things
  5. WE BELIEVE there are 36 primary immortals in heaven: The San Qing (Three Purities), The Jade Emperor, and 8 immortals in each of the 4 corners of heaven
  6. WE BELIEVE the immortals provide assistance and instruction to humans to support them in their return journey to heaven (to Dao)
  7. WE BELIEVE the Dao follows nature
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