What is Daoism?


by Tim Bruewer

Daoism is the traditional religion of China. In general, it is believed that Daoist organizations were formally established 1,900 years ago by Celestial Master Zhang Daoling during the reign (AD 126-144) of Emperor Shundi of the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, the original sources of Daoist doctrines can be traced back to the Pre-Qin period (4000-221BC).


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DaoUSA Founder & Abbot

Master Wu Dang Chen

As a true son of the Dao, Master Chen's desire to share his great message of peace and hope and his open affection for his students have earned him a place as one of the most sought-after Tai Chi and Alchemy instructors in the west.

You can get to know Master Chen more closely through his regularly updated blog.



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